At Mizpah, we embrace everyone's unique perspective and beliefs.  We offer a place where we can learn from and teach each other with that understanding.  

We offer a variety of activities, programs and events, and if you don't see what you would like here, you are welcome to start it!  Everyone is encouraged to pursue their own interests in a supportive and encouraging community.

Whether this is where you grew up, or if you are new here, we welcome you with open arms.  Come join us!

For more information, please contact the church office at (952) 935-5509 or email us.

We appreciate all children as the blessings that they are to our world.  The entire congregation cares for them as they grow to be part of our community.  In addition to being welcomed IN church throughout the intergenerational service, we offer a nurturing, safe and welcoming space separate from the sanctuary where they can play and learn with members of the congregation, when you feel the need to relax and focus on the day’s message.


For Music Director Andy Pokel, making a joyful noise is the primary goal of children’s music in fellowship.  Andy works with Mizpah children aged 4-4th grade to encourage children to share their gifts of vocal and instrumental music with the congregation.

Andy’s background in children’s theatre, and vocation as a choral director within the local school system makes him uniquely gifted in this role. He teaches with energy, joy and the love of Christ.


At Mizpah, we highly value our children’s participation and presence in our intergenerational worship services, where they have a dedicated space at the front of the sanctuary.  In addition to being welcomed IN church throughout the services, we offer Church School class three times each month.  

The Church School classes emphasize sharing, caring and loving each other as well as promoting the understanding that the children are loved by the entire church community as part of the inclusive love of Jesus.

Some of the creative sessions we’ve had include:

  • learning different ways to pray, such as full-body prayer, scroll prayers and LED candle lighting to pray for one another and our world
  • telling stories through puppetry where children create the story, make the puppets and put on the show
  • learning sign language to the Lord’s Prayer which they shared in the service

The presence of children is a gift to the church and they are a reminder that our church is growing.  All ages worship together as one community.  We welcome our children and give a smile of encouragement to their parents. We highly value our children’s participation and presence in our intergenerational worship services, where they have a dedicated space at the front of the sanctuary.  

As part of the intergenerational worship, a children’s message is shared with the whole congregation in addition to the sermon.  Children of all ages are encouraged to share their gifts.  Child-like appreciation, enthusiasm, and behavior are encouraged and embraced throughout the service.

The youth of Mizpah have the opportunity to gain experience and insights to the challenges and living conditions in different areas of the country by working on housing, serving in meal programs and building relationships with people in different communities.  We do not prosletyze; we share God’s love by doing good works in different communities.

In 2015, the youth group traveled to Back Bay Mission in Biloxi, Mississippi to serve and work with the residents there.  

Mizpah has participated in 17 mission trips.


Our young people attend summer camp at Pilgrim Point Camps & Retreats where they learn about God’s message of love, grow spiritually and meet other youth in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Pilgrim Point is located on a peninsula in Alexandria’s Lake Ida and provides inspiration through its extraordinary natural beauty.

Youth related camps offered this year include:

  • Middle and High School Youth Camps
  • Eco Justice Training
  • Family Camps
  • Mission Trip Camp (work around Alexandria area with camp as home base)

For more information see Pilgrim Point's Website 


Youth Faith Formation

Children and youth are the future of our church, and also a valued part of our present! We’re dedicated to engaging them in mission and worship throughout their lives. Our youth ministries include

  • Intergenerational worship services

  • Church school

  • Monthly community projects

  • Mission trips

  • Pilgrim Point camp

  • Ninth grade confirmation classes

  • Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality training

  • Worship leadership

Check out upcoming youth events on the calendar, or learn more about opportunities, initiatives, and events by emailing us!